Edwards White Architects was established in 2005 combining the skills and experience of two registered architects - Grant Edwards and Brian White. Both directors have designed award winning buildings since commencing their professional careers in the mid 1990s. Edwards White Architects is a Hamilton based New Zealand Institute of Architects practice currently working on projects predominantly in the North Island, with a passion for creating fresh innovative architecture and interior design.


01 Discussion

All projects begin with a discussion. We will meet with you extensively to listen to your requirements, your ideas and your vision. You will be working directly with the people who are doing the work. As directors, we maintain a very hands-on approach for each project. We are involved in the design, documentation and observation of the project ourselves and therefore have a complete and detailed understanding of the design and documentation throughout the project.

02 Vision

Once we have a clear understanding of your goals and your site, we are able to begin the creative exploration of a range of solutions for your project. We are always eager to seek alternative innovative solutions to fulfil the brief in an original way that exceeds expectations and adds value to your project.

03 Communication

A key part of the process is our ongoing communication of design ideas with our clients. We have invested in advanced three dimensional CAD technology that allows us to generate perspective images throughout the design process to assist you in visualising the completed project, providing ongoing opportunities for client input to achieve the ideal solution for each project.

04 Refinement

Each project undergoes a rigorous process of refining initial concepts to resolve your requirements through practical and cost effective design strategies. The practice employs a team oriented approach where continual collaborating ensures fresh thinking and innovative solutions. As all staff have a wide range of experience, a high level of skill and expertise is applied throughout the process.

05 Resolution

The detailed documentation of each project is critical to its success.  All staff allocated to your project are highly trained. Your point of contact will be with the staff who are responsible for and directly involved with the design and production of all stages of the project.


As a design led practice, we recognise the leading role of Architects in reducing human impacts on the natural environment caused by the building industry. Edwards White Architects are committed to implementing sustainable design principles to minimise the environmental impact of our buildings. A commitment to passive environmental design has been integral to the design philosophy of the practice for many years, and is entirely compatible with our aim to produce high quality, comfortable and appropriate buildings, spaces and objects.

All projects are carefully planned and detailed with regard to building orientation, solar access, daylighting, insulation levels, thermal mass and shading.  Natural ventilation is integrated wherever possible to achieve controlled passive ventilation, creating healthy indoor environments and providing natural cooling. We also actively explore ways to increase the energy efficiency of our buildings through careful selection of lighting, space heating, appliances and by specifying photovoltaics and/or solar water heating where appropriate. 

Selection of materials and the design of building elements are assessed for life cycle costing, embodied energy, sustainable sources and minimisation of waste.  We also consider products that can be recycled, are non-toxic and where possible we aim to specify products that are locally sourced. 

We are committed to the ongoing education of our staff, clients, fellow professionals and contractors about the opportunities available for improved environmental performance of our buildings and our workplace.